The Research Centre for Built Environment Asset Management

The effect of climate change issues on man-made structures and their surroundings is a future concern for sustainable cities and communities. We explore the social, environmental and economic interdependencies of sustainable built environments in the context of global climate change and natural resource utilisation. We aim to deliver innovative lasting solutions that meet international standards, such as the “Well Building Standard” which encompass air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.

The BEAM Centre and the Sustainable Development Goals

Since 2017 Glasgow Caledonian University has structured its research strategy around the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The SDGs are a blueprint for global progress towards a more sustainable future, with all goals interconnected and equal in importance.  At the BEAM Centre it is believed that commitment to the SDGs is essential to the realisation of social, economic and environmental sustainability and to addressing the climate emergency outlined by the IPCC, and the biodiversity/ecosystem crisis described by the IPBES.

The work of the BEAM Research Centre is highly aligned to a number of the SDGs, and the Centre strives to place the SDGs at the core of its research.  Each of the BEAM Centre's three research areas relate to two of the SDGs:


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


The BEAM Centre and GCU's societal challenges

The Centre contributes to research activity across the three societal challenges that are the focus for GCU research to 2020: Healthy Lives, Inclusive Societies and Sustainable Environments. Focusing on ‘Sustainable Development’, we aim to be recognised for Executive Education and Knowledge Transfer activity through pioneering research in the following areas: