Reading room

The reading room

Our reading room is a space reserved for researchers wishing to consult our archives and special collections. These collections comprise valuable, unique, fragile and irreplaceable items and rules are in place to ensure their preservation and security. Please familiarise yourself with these rules before and during your visit.

An appointment must be made in advance to use the reading room. You can book an appointment using our web form.

We have space for nine researchers, four with power sockets.

Wi-Fi access is available via eduroam to GCU staff, students and members of other institutions. For those unable to use eduroam guest Wi-Fi access is available via The Cloud

Always follow the advice of the reading room staff when consulting and handling the materials:

  • No bags or coats are permitted at the tables
  • Lockers are provided
  • No pens may be used in the reading room
  • Notes can be taken with a pencil or a laptop
  • No food or drink may be consumed in the reading room
  • No material may be removed from the reading room

You can find information on how to locate the reading room on our contact page.