The University and its history

The University and its history

The records of the University date back to 1875 and the formation of the Glasgow School of Cookery. In 1878 the West End School of Cookery was established and in 1908 these two institutions merged to form The Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science (GWSCDS). In 1975 this College became the Queen's College, Glasgow.

Glasgow College of Technology was established in 1971, becoming Glasgow Polytechnic in 1991. On the 1st of April 1993 the Queen's College and Glasgow Polytechnic merged to create Glasgow Caledonian University.

Along with the records mentioned above, this section includes the Queen's College Special Collection, a collection rich in domestic science/home economic resources. It also includes relevant alumni collections.

Alumni Collections; these collections include items belonging to former GWSCDS students and staff (dates in brackets refer to their period at college)

  • Christina W Bell (1916-1919)
  • Margaret Bishop
  • Moira Bisset  (1941-1945)
  • Jessie F Dick (c1905-1908)
  • Mollie Gofton (1933-1937)
  • Myra Hunter (1954-1957, 1965-1966)
  • Janet P Levack (1946-1960)
  • Ena Menzies
  • Jessie F Paterson (c1933)
  • Ruby M Purdon (c1917-1918)
  • Kathleen Sangster (1938-1941)
  • Elizabeth S Smellie (1920s, 1949-1967)
  • Anne Wallace (1941-1945)