We have a vibrant and interactive research environment with numerous PhD students co-located in the Centre at any time.  Meet our current PhD students supervised by academics in the Centre. 

Why study at the Yunus Centre?

PhD students are integrated into the life of the Centre, attend Centre staff meetings and sit in thematic teams with academic staff and researchers. They are often given opportunities to support ongoing research projects in the Centre and support other teaching and learning activities as part of the Centre's commitment to ongoing professional development of our PhD students.

To learn more about life as a PhD student at the Yunus Centre, view our PhD experience photo gallery. You can also explore career paths of Yunus Centre PhD students after they complete their PhDs at the Centre.

Research focus areas

Our researchers have academic backgrounds in a range of disciplines, mostly focused in the social sciences:  anthropology, economics, social policy, political science, history, geography and sociology.  Methodologically our expertise includes participatory methods, economic evaluation, preference elicitation and valuation in health economics, ethnography, qualitative and mixed methods, realist evaluation, survey methods, and econometrics.

We welcome students wanting to conduct doctoral research related to social economy; economics of health and wellbeing; community, citizenship and participation. 

Our staff have particular interests in:

  • the interface between social innovation and health
  • rurality and geographical matters 
  • migration
  • social innovation as a means of tackling inequalities or creating social change
  • civil society and social inclusion
  • co-production
  • fair finance and financial inclusion
  • health economics and evaluation
  • social determinants of health
  • public value and priority setting in health
  • resource allocation in health and distributive justice.

You can find out more about our areas of expertise by going to our staff pages

Over the past 10+ years, these research interests and disciplines within the Centre have evolved, often influenced by PhD students' projects and extertise. Some of this evolution is demonstrated in the figure below.  By studying with us, you will shape the future trajectory for research at the Yunus Centre.


Developing your PhD project

There are a number of ways to focus on a PhD idea.  We suggest having a look at the research interests of our staff and contacting those at the Centre whose interests best fit your own.  They can work with you to turn an idea into a doctoral project.

Funding your PhD

Finances are important, both in terms of fees paid to the University to study with us and in terms of supporting yourself through your PhD. Our students can benefit from a range of PhD funding opportunities.

Some of our PhD students receive funding from external funders such as Wellcome Trust, some are funded by governments, some have scholarships through CommonWealth funds and others self-fund their studies.  We also provide a small number of Yunus Centre funded studentships which cover domestic fees and a stipend.  These are advertised separately and promoted through our @yunuscentreGCU Twitter account. 

Life post a Yunus Centre PhD

A PhD from the Yunus Centre enables students to pursue a number of different career paths, both within and outside of academia. Many stay within the Yunus Centre and GCU, but many others also find careers elsewhere.  The figure below maps careers of Yunus Centre PhD students after completing their PhD.