Enrico Bellazzecca

PhD Student
Glasgow Caledonian University
Enrico’s research focuses primarily on the social determinants of health and, particularly, on how to evaluate the health and wellbeing impacts of social innovation and microfinance on vulnerable groups in society. In his PhD at the Yunus Centre (supervised by Olga Biosca, Simon Teasdale and Dawn Skelton), Enrico explored the methodological implications of evaluating community-based initiatives for older adults through intensive mixed-methods research combined under a realist evaluation logic of enquiry. Enrico’s current research includes exploring, through financial diaries method, how low-income individuals with compromised health manage their financial portfolio and the relating health implications. Enrico’s current research also includes the assessment of the determinants of hybrid financial organisations’ behaviour in developing settings through applied longitudinal network science.

During his work at the Yunus Centre, Enrico has developed interests in realist enquiry (realist evaluation), ethnography, quantitative social network analysis and multilevel modelling of longitudinal health-related data.

Enrico has worked as module tutor and occasional lecturer for the GCU-based MSc in Social Innovation (modules: Microfinance Theory & Practice; Global Social Entrepreneurship; Social Economy) and supervised MSc dissertations in the field of microfinance, social enterprise and crowdfunding. In 2017, Enrico was awarded, with Olga Biosca, the 10th European Microfinance Research Award (EMN – European Commission).