Alan Kay

Visiting Senior Fellow
Alan is a social enterprise and community development researcher with a background in overseas development. He has particular experience in the social economy, social accounting and audit, evaluations and social capital. Alan is an active Associate Tutor with the Social Enterprise Academy and an Associate Lecturer at GCU where he tutored for 5 years on the MSc Social Enterprise programme. He was a Director of the CBS (Community Business Scotland) Network until it was wound up in 2015. With the late John Pearce, Alan was instrumental in founding the Social Audit Network and wrote a chapter on social capital for Pearce’s seminal 2003 work ‘Social Enterprise in Anytown’. He is still on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Community Development Journal after having spent 17 years as their Treasurer; and is an honorary member of the Japan Social Innovation Journal. Over the years Alan has developed a network of contacts with a wide range of social economy and voluntary organisations, both within the UK and around the world.