Programme: Building Inclusive Societies
Date: 19/06/18
Time: 9.30am - 12.15pm


CommonHealth is a five year collaborative research project which aims to develop methods to evaluate new pathways to health creation and health inequalities reduction arising from social enterprise. Having investigated different aspects of social enterprise work, such as Self Reliant Groups, initiatives in remote and rural communities, and the experiences of the over 50s the CommonHealth team are now considering how the findings from individual projects can be brought together to form concluding messages. This Knowledge Exchange event will be hosted by researchers on the CommonHealth programme, and will provide an opportunity to hear more about our results and how the team have started to thread these together across the programme of research. The event will also provide the opportunity for feedback and group participation in weaving together common threads to create a tapestry of research findings. The event will close with tea and coffee and an opportunity for networking.


Bobby Macaulay: As part of the CommonHealth programme Bobby conducted research into ‘A contemporary analysis of social enterprise as a public health intervention’. He is now studying for his PhD, which considers the effect of community land ownership on rural health, with a particular focus on health inequalities within and between communities, and is funded by The Wellcome Trust. 

Danielle Kelly: Taking an action research approach Danielle investigated how social enterprise affected health and well being in remote and rural areas for her CommonHealth project ‘Growth at the Edge’. Danielle is currently the lead researcher on the Big Lottery funded ‘Sheds for Sustainable Development’ project, looking at the developmental challenges of Men’s Sheds in Scotland, as well as the health and wellbeing impacts of shed activities.

Clementine  Hill O’Connor: Working closely with WEvolution, an organisation supporting the creation Self Reliant Groups (SRGs), Clementine’s CommonHealth study ‘Passage from India’ explored the impact  SRG membership on health and wellbeing. She now works on CommonHealth ‘Project 8’, which aims to bring together the findings from the individual projects.

Fiona Henderson: Focus 50+ explored the experiences of people over 50 participating in social enterprise activities, and the effect of those experiences on aspects of their health and wellbeing. As part of this research for the CommonHealth programme Fiona worked with LifeCare, Lingo Flaingo and Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre. As Postgraduate Research Fellow in Social Innovation and Public Policy, Fiona is the Principal Investigator for GCU’s work package within the £1.6million European Atlantic Social Lab project.

Gillian Murray: Having explored the history of social enterprise in Scotland for her research on the CommonHealth programme. Gillian now works on CommonHealth ‘Project 8’, which aims to bring together the findings from the individual projects.