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Future Development of the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland) Dates: October 2018-March 2020 Funder: Scottish Government

The aim of this project was to inspire and inform social enterprise in Scotland by preserving and retelling the history of the sectors distinctive heritage through the development of the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland)

Entering our second phase of this project (from May 2020 onwards) we will be working to: 

  • Create and pilot online resources to aid the sector in their record-keeping skills, building confidence and pride in the sector’s heritage.  
  • Create and pilot online learning resources to support social enterprise education, for universities and the sector, internationally. 
  • Continue our mission to preserve Scotland’s distinctive social enterprise heritage to inform current policy and future research across academia and the social enterprise sector.  

Based on a collaboration between the Glasgow Caledonian University Archive Centre and the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health this funding will build  on our first phase of development work and published research by Dr Gillian Murray into the origins of social enterprise in Scotland. This collaborative approach enables best practice in records management and preservation and a broad outreach strategy to ensure that the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland) is a living resource providing an accessible point of inspiration and learning, supporting Scotland’s global reputation in social enterprise. 

The Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland) was established as part of Glasgow Caledonian University’s Archive Centre in 2011. The Collection of documents and oral histories relating to the development of social enterprise in Scotland, including the papers of community enterprise pioneer John Pearce, preserves the legacy of social enterprise in Scotland for future generations.  

If you have been part of the history of social enterprise in Scotland and would like to offer materials to the archive please get in touch with

Project LeadGillian Murray

Project Team: Carole McCallum, Kirsty Menzies, Cam Donaldson

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