Developing the Social Enterprise Collection

Dates: October 2018-March 2020
Funder: Scottish Government
Project PI: Gillian Murray
Project Team: Carole McCallum, Kirsty Menzies, Cam Donaldson

The aim of this project is to inspire and inform social enterprise in Scotland by preserving and retelling the history of the sectors distinctive heritage through the development of the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland).

Based on a collaboration between the Glasgow Caledonian University Archive Centre and the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health this funding will build on recently published research by Dr Gillian Murray into the origins of social enterprise in Scotland.

The central message of the project is that consigning material to the archive does not mark the end point of a project or organisation, but can be the spark for a whole range of new beginnings.

The Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland) was established as part of Glasgow Caledonian University’s Archive Centre in 2010. The Collection of documents and oral histories relating to the development of social enterprise in Scotland, including the papers of community enterprise pioneer John Pearce, will ensure that the legacy of such forerunners to social enterprise is preserved for future generations.

To develop the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland) the project has planned the following:

  • Add content to the online catalogue
  • Record oral histories with individuals working in and around social enterprise in Scotland
  • Curate a travelling exhibition to introduce the history of social enterprise in Scotland and showcase the images and documents held within the collection
  • Host a series of workshops to provide target audiences with skills in records management and the interpretation of archival resources.

If you have been part of the history of social enterprise in Scotland and would like to share your story with the project, or donate materials to the archive please get in touch with Dr Gillian Murray ( or contact the GCU Archive Centre here.   

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