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Dates: April 2019 – April 2020
Funder: European Social Investment Fund and the Scottish Government
Project PI: Artur Steiner 
Yunus Centre Staff: Callum Sutherland (Lead Researcher), Artur Steiner and Francesca Calo  
Project Partners: Heavy Sound C.I.C.

Project website: http://www.heavysoundcic.co.uk/media/
Social Media: https://soundcloud.com/heavy-sound-c-i-c

The Community Orientated and Opportunity Learning (COOL) Music project engages hard-to-reach young people, creating opportunities for equal development and innovative inclusion. Self-reported data from the first phase of evaluation suggests that the project contributes to enhanced positive feelings towards family, friends and participants’ future destinations.

After the successful implementation of COOL Music in 2017-2018, the project received additional funding from the Scottish Government’s Social Innovation Fund.  Between 2019-2020, the project will expand beyond the delivery of non-formal participatory music-making sessions in schools to adopt a preventative approach, incorporating a mobile outreach advice service and work with prison services. In particular, the programme will target young people who have undergone trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) including abuse, neglect, household dysfunction and parental incarceration. Through engaging individuals in song-writing, music production, DJ’ing, graphic design and filmmaking, the project aims to improve the wellbeing of our target group.

Contact: Callum.Sutherland@gcu.ac.uk