Supporting Excellence in End of Life Care in Dementia

Dates: October 2013-September 2018
Funder: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) under its Programme Grants for Applied Research Programme (RP-PG-0611-20005)
Project PI: Professor Louise Robinson (Newcastle University)
Yunus Centre Staff: Helen Mason

Project Website:

Our ageing population will mean more people with long term, and age-related, illnesses like dementia.  This will lead to an increased need for end of life care for those with complex needs living in the community.  People with dementia already receive poorer end of life care compared to those with cancer, with more hospital admissions and worse pain control.

This project aims to support professionals, both commissioners and providers, to deliver good quality, community-based end of life care in dementia.  

We will achieve this through six interlinked workstreams (WS1-6). Specific objectives include:

1. To identify which aspects of existing end of life care in dementia are effective and efficient (WS1,2,5).

2. To develop, implement and evaluate an evidence-based individual care planning (ICP), and associated educational resources, to support the provision of good quality end of life care in dementia (WS3,4).

3. To determine how community-based end of life care in dementia should be organised and commissioned (WS2,5,6).

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