Financial lives and wellbeing post Covid-19 (FinWell Covid) Dates: January 2021 – January 2022 Funder: Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC), as part of UK Research & Innovation’s (UKRI) rapid response to Covid-19

This study seeks to better understand changes on people’s financial lives, health and wellbeing induced by COVID-19 itself as well as its associated interventions (e.g. social distancing and isolating) in vulnerable members of society.

FinWell Covid is the third project in a programme of work aimed at better understanding the link between income and health and wellbeing, including the mediating mechanisms that might facilitate this association. The first project, FinWell-Glasgow, started in 2014 and was a 2-year project funded by the Chief Scientist Office. The second project FinWell-London (2019-2020) was funded by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity.  All FinWell projects take a mixed method approach using financial diaries, in-depth interviews and Q methodology.  


  • Better understand how vulnerable individuals manage their finances during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Assess the specific financial issues that they encounter due to COVID-19 and its associated interventions and the strategies they use to ameliorate them, and how these strategies link to their health.
  • Explore subjective views of community participants and stakeholders on COVID-19 and associated measures aimed at mitigating and control it.


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Project Lead: Dr Olga Biosca

Project Team: Dr Neil McHughProfessor Cam DonaldsonProfessor Rachel Baker, Professor Jonathan J. MorduchProfessor Antony Morgan, Dr Enrico Bellazzecca, Fatma Ibrahim, Dr Linda Fenocchi, Dr Jack Rendall

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