Sustainable sheds Dates: December 2017 – December 2021 Funder: The National Lottery Community Fund 

The Sheds for Sustainable Development Project focuses on supporting Men’s Sheds in Scotland to be both financially and socially sustainable. Key components include: the collection and analysis of data pertaining to the development challenges that sheds may face; the co-creation of viable solutions to help sheds develop and sustain; and the evaluation of the potential health and wellbeing benefits associated with being a member of a shed, and taking part in shed activities. The project has two key aims: 

  • To identify the key development challenges facing sheds and, through action research, implement entrepreneurial changes enhancing the sustainability and viability of the sheds; 
  • To explore, using mixed methods, the health and wellbeing impacts of shed activities on their users and how sheds may contribute to a preventative spending approach to health and care.

Briefing Reports


Mens Shed Toolkit

Project Lead: Artur Steiner

Project Team: Danielle Hutcheon, Artur Steiner,Simon Teasdale, Helen Mason 

Sustainable Development Goals