John Pearce Memorial Lecture

Glasgow Caledonian University is delighted to host the annual John Pearce Memorial Lecture.

John Pearce, who died in 2011 from cancer aged just 69, was a major and influential force in community development and in particular was a pioneer in community enterprise - the precursor to social enterprise. For nearly fifty years, John‘s ideas, inspiration and talent for clear thinking were a driving force behind people-centred development and especially around the principles and practice of collective and community enterprise. He wrote extensively throughout his working life with an insight well-illustrated in his seminal work: Social Enterprise in Anytown (2003). He was a thinker who managed to turn theories into practice and directly helped the development of communities in Scotland, the UK and wider afield.

Following John’s death his colleagues from CBS Network came together with the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health at GCU to plan the annual lectures which usually take place in September/October.