Our Health Economics Working Paper Series (HEWPS) publishes working papers that highlight the findings of current research projects being undertaken by staff in the Yunus Centre.  Below is a list of working papers and to dowload a PDF version of the paper, please click on the title.  

We welcome feedback and any comments should be directed to the author listed below.  Please note, the copyright of a working paper is held by the author(s).

Any enquiries related to the working paper series should be sent by email to the Yunus Centre. 

201701 - Policy choices and end of life - Author: Neil McHugh

201502 - Exploring differences between TTO & direct choice in valuation of health stateAuthor: Jose Luis Pinto Prades

201501 - Microfinance, health and randomised trialsAuthor: Neil McHugh

201403 - Extending Life for People with a Terminal IllnessAuthor: Neil McHugh

201402 - Social Enterprise and HealthAuthor: Cam Donaldson

201401The Senior Discount - Author: Jose Luis Pinto Prades