Day 7 - University Collaboration

We are celebrating 10 years of collaborations, working with our GCU colleagues.

Over the years the Yunus Centre for Social Business & Health has had the privilege of being able to work collegiately with others across GCU Glasgow and GCU London as the centre has bedded in, flourished and grown. This map shows connections that Yunus Centre staff have made across GCU Glasgow and London campuses since 2010.

From the first projects with researchers in SHLS using Q methodology to elicit societal values for End of Life care,  

…to our flagship CommonHealth Project spanning 5 years and drawing in colleagues from many areas across GCU,

…to delivering teaching for programmes in GSBS and SHLS and GCU London, developing new researchers through our PhD programmes,

…to economic evaluations with colleagues across many areas in SHLS, each with the united goal of understanding more about health care interventions to improve health care, hosting the annual John Pearce Lecture,


All of this has been achieved working together with colleagues spanning diverse areas including research, teaching, graduate school, library and archive, events, brand and communications.

So on our 10th birthday we would like to say THANK YOU! to all our wonderful colleagues who have helped us, supported us, challenged us, and worked with us through the years.