As Director and Founding Director of the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health at Glasgow Caledonian University, we are pleased to launch our 10th anniversary celebrations as we review our first 10 years and plan for the future.  It has been a pleasure to look back over the decade since the Yunus Centre was established and to bring together our successes and achievements over that time.  

The Centre is named after Professor Muhammad Yunus, now GCU’s Chancellor Emeritus. Professor Yunus was awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, jointly with Grameen Bank, for his efforts to advance social and economic opportunities of poor people through his pioneering work on microcredit.  We came to Glasgow Caledonian, inspired by its association with Professor Yunus and its mission as the University of the Common Good and to see if we could build a world-class research centre in a modern university environment around that Common Good agenda. Most importantly, we wanted to attempt to build academic capacity around new approaches to addressing social and health inequalities, working across civil society and with non-medical (i.e. nursing and allied health) professions.

Our Yunus Centre 10 year review provides a comprehensive review of our research successes in Social Business, Microfinance and Health Economics over the past 10 years and outlines our new research themes going forward.


Rachel Baker PhD

Professor of Health Economics and Director

Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health


Cam Donaldson PhD

Pro Vice Chancellor Research

and Yunus Chair