Generally, this means that the focus of the research conducted at the Yunus Centre at GCU is on:

  • social business, microcredit and social inclusion ‘interventions’ which aim to tackle vulnerability to low income or disadvantage, with its consequent impacts on health and well-being, and where ‘vulnerability’ might reflect poverty but also other aspects of social disadvantage (e.g. rural isolation, frailty in old age);
  • the potential role of public funding for social business, microcredit and social inclusion interventions, as this may involve demonstrably better value from public investment relative to other  interventions;
  • responses to health inequalities which have more of a bottom-up (i.e. stemming from and involving communities themselves) as opposed to ‘top-down’ origin; and
  • partnering with social businesses and microfinance providers with a strong social mission.