Established in 2010, the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health is named in honour of Professor Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to advance social and economic opportunities of the poor through work on microcredit.

The work of the Centre cuts across the three main societal challenges listed in Glasgow Caledonian University's Research Strategy: inclusive societies, healthy lives and sustainable environments.

Our vision

Enhancing the Common Good through research on social values and collaborative approaches to improving health and wellbeing.

Our mission

Carry out world-leading, interdisciplinary research in relation to:

  • Social business, social enterprise and the wider social economy
  • Resource allocation, societal wellbeing and distributional justice
  • Community resilience and the conditions that enable people to thrive
  • Methodological innovation, interdisciplinarity and new frameworks for researching complex community-based initiatives and social values

Fulfilling our Vision and Mission will help to:

  • Better understand the drivers of health, equalities and wellbeing
  • Enhance the fairness and efficiency of resource allocation
  • Collaborate with communities, policy makers and practitioners in creating and translating research evidence for improved health and wellbeing
  • Create and maintain local, national, and international partnerships for the furtherance of our mission, enhancing our international reputation as a centre of research excellence
Sustainable Development Goals