Turnbull, Lorna

Lorna Turnbull Visiting Professor

University of Manitoba
Lorna A. Turnbull is a community activist, and a professor and former Dean in the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba. Her teaching subjects include Income Tax Law and Policy, Children, Youth and the Law, Human Rights, Family Law, Legal Systems and Legal Methods and she occasionally teaches in French. Her research is focused on the work of care, its importance to carers and those who depend on the care, and how legal frameworks support or fail these important relationships. She examines these questions through the lens of Canada’s constitutional guarantees and international obligations. She is the holder of several grants (from SSHRC, CIHR, PRA, the Province of Manitoba, Justice Canada) that support projects looking at the leading court decisions regarding motherwork and equality, the overlap between children in the child welfare system and youth in the criminal justice system, and economic supports for caregivers. She is the author of Double Jeopardy: Motherwork and the Law (2001) and has two new books in progress.