VOLPWER looks at volunteering and empowerment by enhancing community building and social integration through dialogue and collaboration amongst young Europeans and Third Country Nationals.

Professor Umut Korkut is the research lead and the project is supported by Doga Atalay who is studying for a PHD in "Football and Social Integration of Migrant Children in Turkey and the UK and Marcus Nicolson a PhD candidtate that will examine the extent to whcih sports volunteering can foster bridging social capital between refugee volunteers and lcoal community actors.


VOLPOWER: Volunteering, Integration, Empowerment

The aim of this project is to encourage commmunity building and social integration via youth volunteering in sports, and crreative arts and culture. VOLPOWER  studies how volunteering could contribute to youth interaction and empowerment. It investigates the impacts of personal politics, geography, mobilty and creativity on community building and integration.Through the development of volunteering as a tool which European Union (EU) nationals could interact with third country nationals ( TCNs) resising within the EU. 

The project inititates activities for youth volunteering through sports, creative arts and culture activities across selected Eureopan sites. The research will be carrried out in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria and Hungry, Slovenia and Croatia. 

The project is lead by Umut Korkut, Fiona Reid and Fiona Skillen.