Pan Islands Conference 2016

Gender Budgeting: Feminist Policy Change in Scotland, UK, England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Republic of Ireland

Reflections on devolution and austerity

19 & 20 May 2016

This conference brought together representatives of government from Scotland, Wales, the Republic of Ireland (tbc), activists and practitioners in gender budgeting from the countries of the UK - Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland – and the Irish Republic.

Our aim was to share experience and knowledge, to improve our understanding of the challenges in implementing gender budgeting and securing the political and institutional commitment of governments at all levels.

As the process of integrating gender analysis in all stages of government budgets – from policy formulation, resource allocation, and evaluation of impact – WiSE and the delegates at this conference believe that gender budgeting can transform public policy making.  By following political commitments and the ways in which public money is raised and spent, governments are better able to identify and avoid the ways in which government policy can (and does) impact on women and can reinforce the inequalities that women experience.

WiSE were delighted to welcome esteemed colleagues including

  • WiSE Visiting Professor Diane Elson, world-renowned expert in feminist economic analysis and gender budgeting and Chair of the UK Women’s Budget Group
  • Dr Gary Gary Gillespie, Chief Economist to the Scottish Government and Visiting Professor in Economics at Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Prof Sue Himmelweit, Emerita Professor of the Open University and esteemed scholar and leading thinker on women, care and the economy

Representatives from the Welsh Government, Scottish Government, , UK Women’s Budget Group, Women’s Equality Network Wales, Chwarae Teg (Wales), Womenstec (Northern Ireland), Northern Ireland Women’s Budget Group, Scottish Women’s Budget Group, and SPARK, from the Republic of Ireland.

Presentations from the event are available to download:

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