2nd Annual Ailsa McKay Memorial Lecture

The second Ailsa McKay Annual Lecture was held on Thursday 11 May 2017 at 5pm in Glasgow Caledonian University.

This year’s speaker was Philippe Van Parijs, Professor at the Faculty of Economic, Social and Political sciences of the Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL), where he directs the Hoover Chair of economic and social ethics since its creation in 1991.  He was a Visiting Professor at Harvard University’s Department of Philosophy from 2004-2022, and has been a Visiting Professor at the Higher Institute of Philosophy of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven since 2006, and a Senior Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford since 2011.

Philippe Van Parijs studied philosophy, law, political economy, sociology and linguistics at the  Universite Saint-Louis (Brussels), at the Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Louvain-La-Neuve, at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven) in Leuven, Oxford, Bielefeld, and  California (Berkeley). He holds doctorates in the social sciences (Louvain, 1977) and in philosophy (Oxford, 1980).

He is one of the founders of the Basic Income European Network (BIEN), which became in 2004 the Basic Income Earth Network, and he chairs its International Board. He coordinates the Ethical Forum of the University Foundation. He also coordinates the Pavia Group Re-Bel initiative. He is a member of Belgium’s Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts, of the International Institute of Philosophy, and of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and Fellow of the British Academy. In 2001, he was awarded the Francqui Prize, Belgium’s most generous scientific prize.


Gender Budgeting in Scotland, UK and Ireland 19 & 20 May 2016

Pan Islands Conference 19 & 20 May 2016

Gender Budgeting in Scotland, UK and Ireland: Comparisons, challenges and convergence.

Glasgow Caledonian University

WiSE Research Centre hosted a conference on developments in gender budgeting in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England, UK, and Ireland.  Gender budgeting is a form of feminist policy change, but how and to what extent has this approach been adopted and implemented at national and sub-national government level over the last ten years? Women’s budget groups across the countries have actively campaigned for gender analysis in the budget processes, but to what effect?  This two-day conference brought together a range of institutional, academic, civil society and geographic perspectives on gender budgeting. Papers presented at the conference are available below

Political Economy of Patriarchal Capitalism 11 May 2016

Professor Nancy Folbre presented the Inaugural McKay Annual Lecture, held in memory of WiSE founder Professor Ailsa McKay.

Nancy Folbre is a preeminent feminist economist whose work focuses on economics and the family, non-market work and the economics of care. She is Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The lecture was followed by a wine reception and the launch of the book:

"Feminist Economics and Public Policy: Reflections on the work and impact of Ailsa McKay"

(eds) Dr Jim Campbell & Morag Gillespie, Routledge 2016

Wednesday, 11 May 2016 from 16:00 to 19:30

Watch the lecture here: Inaugural Ailsa McKay Annual Lecture 2016

Pan Islands Conference 2016

This conference brought together representatives of government from Scotland, Wales, the Republic of Ireland, activists and practitioners in gender budgeting from the countries of the UK - Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland – and the Irish Republic.

Our aim was to share experience and knowledge, to improve our understanding of the challenges in implementing gender budgeting and securing the political and institutional commitment of governments at all levels.

Find out more

Ailsa McKay - A Commemorative Conference, 22-23 January 2015

In Ailsa’s memory, WiSE hosted a conference to bring together researchers, policy-makers and practitioners to hear a wide range of presentations on Ailsa’s contributions, both personal and professional. Three core topics of Ailsa’s research were featured: women in work/childcare, gender budgeting and welfare reform/Citizen’s Income. Key speakers included John Swinney, MSP, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth; and Professor Marilyn Waring from the Aukland University of Technology in New Zealand.


Watch highlights of the conference here: A Commemorative Conference

Gender, the Economy & Constitutional Futures, 17-18 January 2013

Scottish academics together with the STUC, Engender, Nordic Horizons and WiSE, presented a series of events aimed at bringing women’s voices into the current debates on constitutional reform. The new programme provided an accessible and impartial space to promote debate and dialogue on gender equality matters in the run up to the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. The seminars were aimed at interested individuals, women’s and civil society organisations, practitioners, policy-makers and political parties.

The conference examined the challenges faced by women in the Scottish economy and the gendered impact of economic austerity and welfare reform; it also asked what opportunities have been presented by recent constitutional debates to rethink economic strategies and envision alternative economic models that place gender equality at their core.

Speakers included Professor Fiona McKay (University of Edinburgh), Professor Claire Annesley (University of Manchester), Professor Diane Elson (University of Manchester), Professor Mike Danson (Herriot Watt University), Stephen Boyd (STUC) and Professor Ailsa McKay (GCU). The event was chaired by journalist and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch.

Counting on Women, Gender Care and Economics, 24-26 May 2011

The conference opened with “An Evening with Professor Marilyn Waring (NZ), globally renowned feminist and activist for women’s human rights, and Professor Martha Fineman (USA), internationally recognised law and society scholar and a leading authority in feminist legal theory and family law. The conference continued with two packed days of presentations, workshops and seminars. The delegates joined more than 80 women in the first Scottish Parliament Women’s Dinner of the new session and were treated to a tour of the Parliament building with newly elected women MSPs.

Watch the 4 part videos here: Videos