Research students

Jecynta Azong, Developing Mechanisms to Improve Mainstream Social Policy and Economic Analysis from a Gender Equality Perspective, Supervisors Professor Kirstein Rummery, University of Stirling, Dr Angela O’Hagan, WiSE

Emma Bolger, Gender and Occupational Segregation in Modern Apprenticeships, Supervisors Professor Mike Danson, Heriot Watt & Dr Jim Campbell, WiSE

Jennifer Broadhurst, Will a Citizen’s Basic Income provide a more secure, sustainable and socially just welfare system?, Supervisors Dr Jim Campbell and Emily Thomson, WiSE

Naveed Hakeem, Investigating the economic costs and benefits of the universal state funded provision of early years care and education, Supervisors Emily Thomson and Dr Jim Campbell, WiSE

Alyson Laird, How ‘Modern’ is the Modern Apprenticeship Programme in Scotland?, Supervisors Emily Thomson and Dr Jim Campbell, WiSE

Tasawar Ashraf, Human Rights Implications of the Application of Safe Third Country Notion in European Asylum Law, Supervisors Dr Umut Korkut, Dr Jim Campbell WiSE, Dr Manos Maganaris, Dr Lena Karamanidou Visiting Fellow (Advisor