About us

The WiSE Research Centre, established in October 2011, takes an innovative, multidisciplinary approach to gender analysis of economic and public policy both in Scotland and internationally. Using a feminist economics lens WiSE highlights women’s visible and invisible economic contribution by challenging established norms and models.

Through high quality, high impact research and knowledge transfer WiSE engages widely with policymakers, equality practitioners, the business community and gender equality activists and regularly presents evidence to the Scottish Parliament. It focuses on gender and equality analysis of poverty, income inequality, financial exclusion, living standards within households, gender budgeting, labour market and occupational segregation, employability and skills, European employment and gender equality policies, and comparative gender equality policy.

WiSE contributes to creating a more gender equal society, where women’s contribution to the paid and unpaid economy are recognized, in the belief that recast gender relations make for greater equality in the family, household, economy and society.


To be a centre for feminist economics in theory and in action - demonstrating the importance of an understanding of feminist economics within the discipline of economics, in academia more generally, in policy-making and in everyday life. To highlight and challenge the gendered structures and practices of economics both within the discipline and in policy-making arenas and processes.

A key strength of WiSE is its specific focus on women in the Scottish economy – allowing us to extrapolate from local and national issues to European and global discourses. The issues that concern WiSE are topics of global significance and resonance.