GCU Vision Centre


Eye Examinations for Adults

Eye exam

Our clinicians and students spend time with each patient to get a complete picture of their vision, visual requirements and overall health and lifestyle. This is followed by a thorough assessment of the function and health of your eyes, including:

  • The measurement of vision, with & without spectacles.
  • The determination of the spectacle prescription required to provide the best correction for each eye and for your visual requirements.
  • The eyes’ ability to focus and align for close objects.
  • The health of the anterior and interior surfaces of the eye. Photographs are routinely taken for clinical records.
  • The pressure of the fluid in the eye (IOP).
  • The extent and integrity of the peripheral and central field of vision.

Once completed, we take time to fully explain the test results to you before recommendations for spectacles, contact lenses, or further tests are discussed with you.

Where further diagnostic tests are recommended another appointment will normally be made or you may be asked to attend one of our Specialist Clinics.  

How can I arrange an appointment?

To arrange an appointment phone 0141 331 3377.