Newsroom - Green rankings 2019

Going green on a global scale

Thu, 03 Jan 2019 14:06:00 GMT
Paulo Cruz
Paulo Cruz

Glasgow Caledonian has been ranked the 11th most sustainable university in the UK and 92nd in the world.

These are the findings of the latest UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, a programme from the University of Indonesia that ranks universities by their commitment and action towards going green and environmental sustainability.

The programme collects data through an online questionnaire. All participants answer the same questions, which are then validated based on evidence provided.

Participants are judged in the following categories: Setting and infrastructure; energy and climate change; waste; water; transportation; education.

GCU has moved from a global ranking of 102nd (out of 619 universities in 2017) to 92nd (out of 719 universities) and was praised for evidencing a "whole institution approach". 

Paulo Cruz, the University's Sustainability Officer, said: "Our improving score in GreenMetric reflects GCU's longstanding commitment to sustainability and a growing understanding at GCU of how to embed sustainability into the various aspects of our operations."