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GCNYC's drive for sustainable fashion features in Forbes and Sustainable Jungle

Fri, 15 Jun 2018 13:20:00 BST
Cara Smyth
Cara Smyth

GCNYC’s leading role in “Driving the Sustainability Movement” in the $2.5 trillion fashion industry is being recognised in an in-depth Leadership article on It praises theGCNYC’s Fair Fashion Centre for developing the innovative NoCO2 innitiative due to launch later this year, which it describes it as one of the mosre promising market-based approaches with the potential to change the industry from within.

 Vice President Cara Smyth is also featuring in a podcast interview on the influential Sustainable Jungle lifestyle site. In her interview, Ms. Smyth discusses the state of the fashion industry today, the role of big business in sustainability, what the Fair Fashion Center (FFC) is doing to facilitate that change, and the future of the FFC for the remainder of 2018 and beyond.

When asked about the FFC, and what’s on the horizon, Smyth noted that, “One of the most exciting things we’re doing is looking to unite the community around the world to address, heal and correct fashion’s impact”. The GCNYC Fair Fashion Center works in the in-between space, bringing together industry experts and thought leaders that would not have otherwise been connected, in order to create a new community of change-makers and have the largest collective impact.

Sustainable Jungle is a mission-driven media company with a with a strong focus on solutions for sustainability and conservation related challenges. Founded by a South African couple deeply concerned with the future of our environment, Joy and Lyall set out to find “more compelling and uplifting voices to inspire individuals to drive change and make better choices, both personally and professionally.” They interview passionate individuals who are working at the intersection between business and sustainability/conservation. Cara and the Fair Fashion Center were delighted to be highlighted by such an inspiring and motivated team.