2021-Usman New Year Honour

Royal recognition

Wed, 06 Jan 2021 09:33:00 GMT
Usman Rafiq
Usman Rafiq

Our senior IT assistant Usman Rafiq has been awarded a British Empire Medal for services to education and to students with hearing impairments in the New Year Honours list.

Usman helped set up hearing-aid repair drop-in service Hear to Help at GCU.

He said: “It’s so nice to receive recognition for the outreach work in the community.

“With help from Action on Hearing Loss, I was able to organise the Hear to Help drop-in Service within the University. I wanted to make a difference to people in my community and currently students and staff members who wear hearing aids need to go to hospital audiology departments to get batteries and re-tubing done.

“The Hear to Help clinic allows not just staff and students to get their hearing aids repaired, but will help members of the public to drop by for hearing checks. This service helps take pressure off the NHS and allows access to vital services for people with hearing loss.

“Glasgow Caledonian University strives to commit to its motto ‘University for the Common Good’ and it brings me joy I am able to help make a difference in my workplace.”