2021-Get involved in new Anger in Sports study

PhD student launches Anger in Sports study

Thu, 01 Jul 2021 16:36:00 BST
Sports Psychology PhD student Chris Glover
Sports Psychology PhD student Chris Glover

Sports Psychology PhD student Chris Glover has launched a study called 'Anger in Sports' aimed at investigating the level of perceived anger an athlete has according to the sport they play.

He is looking for people over the age of 18 who take part in sport at any level to get involved in the study which is being conducted on the University-supported Redcap platform.

Chris said: "This is an important study due to the fact that anger is a prevalent emotion in every athlete but there is very little research exploring the relationships. Therefore, the proposed research will help us understand adult populations interpretations of anger, its association with sports and its facilitation to performance.

"The target audience for this is anyone over the age of 18 who participates in sport at any level. The data collection will be running until Monday, July 19.

"The results of the survey will be used as part of my PhD studies, looking at anger and performance relationship.

"Initially they will be compared against each other and then compared to taekwondo athletes, to establish where on the scale taekwondo athletes sit in terms of anger levels and performance."

Chris is a self-funded PhD student and a keen sportsman himself. He has coaching qualifications and personal qualifications in Krav Maga, taekwondo, football, badminton, kayaking, mountain biking and archery.

He chose to study anger and performance because there is very little information about it and he finds it a hugely interesting topic.

Chris said: "I love just taking part in sports and teaching others, I got a number of my adventure training qualifications through the Army Cadet Force, of which I am still an instructor with the Black Watch ACF."

If you or anyone you know plays sport at any level and have five minutes to spare please take part in this anonymous study - https://redcap.link/Angerinsport