2020-SPIRU review to put people at the heart of po

SPIRU review to put people at the heart of poverty policy

Tue, 11 Feb 2020 10:23:00 GMT

​People with direct experience of living in poverty will be put at the heart of future policymaking following a review undertaken by researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University.

The Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit (SPIRU) at GCU will examine how decision-makers can better reflect the experiences and priorities of those most affected by policies to tackle poverty.
The review has been commissioned by the Poverty and Inequality Commission, which provides independent advice to Scottish Government ministers, and will be carried out in conjunction with the Poverty Alliance.
The Commission will use the findings from this study to make recommendations and draw up guidelines to give members of the public greater influence over shaping action plans.
Professor Stephen Sinclair, co-director of SPIRU at GCU, said: "There are many examples from across the UK of initiatives which claim to involve people with lived experience of poverty, but there is less evidence that many of these have significantly changed policy and practice.
"Engaging with and involving communities isn't enough in itself. It is necessary to show that peoples' voices have been listened to and have had an impact on improving their everyday lives."
SPIRU is scheduled to report to the Commission in May.
The current project builds upon an earlier review, carried out by Professor John McKendrick, into the extent to which people with direct experience of poverty are consulted.