Marketing students generate ideas to promote meningitis vaccines

Thu, 12 Jul 2018 11:10:00 BST

Snapchat filters could be used to promote meningitis vaccines in secondary schools, under proposals put forward to NHS Health Scotland by marketing students from GCU.

The tactic was one of a range of social marketing suggestions proposed by students on the MSc International Marketing programme.

The consultancy project called on students to deliver ideas on how to communicate the importance of the immunisation programme to teenagers and parents.

Other proposals included creating a distinct brand for the programme, entitled Say No to Meningitis, establishing charity 5K runs, and setting up activist peer groups to promote the immunisation message.

Jane Hoeflich, marketing manager at NHS Health Scotland, said: "Engaging with parents and children to make sure they have the best information possible regarding immunisation is an absolute priority for us.

"By linking with the GCU students we were able to get informed, fresh perspectives from young adults on credible, social marketing led interventions aimed at improving an already successful immunisation programme.

"We were absolutely delighted with the innovative, well-evidenced input from all the students and are considering how to make best use of their inputs."

Brian Smith, lecturer in social marketing, said: "Partnering with NHS Health Scotland was a great way to advance our Common Good strategy.

"It also prepared the students for consultancy-based work, which many will find themselves doing during their careers.

"Giving students this type of exposure equips them well for future success."