Major appointment for gender-budgeting academic

Mon, 10 Sep 2018 12:58:00 BST

One of Scotland's leading voices on gender-budgeting has been appointed as the new chair of a Scottish Government advisory group.

Dr Angela O'Hagan, deputy director of the WiSE research centre at Glasgow Caledonian University, will head up the Equality Budget Advisory Group (EBAG), which ensures gender equality and human rights implications are considered when decisions are made on government budgets.

Dr O'Hagan said: "In taking on this challenging role I am clear that there are many pressures on the Scottish budget and its process.

"There is a way to go to align equality analysis, budget process, and political priorities and processes.

"It is clear that there is significant political will to build on steps to date in Scotland seeking to integrate equality analysis in the Scottish budget process."

Equalities Minister Christina McKelvie, announcing the appointment, said: "Dr O'Hagan brings extensive experience and expertise regarding social policy and its implications for equality.

"I am proud of the work done so far to take forward Equality Budgeting in Scotland. Given the new budgeting powers being exercised by the Scottish Government, the importance of this work will only increase."