Former Irish President discusses climate justice at GCU

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 09:31:00 GMT

"If we don't address climate injustice now – the poorest and most vulnerable people affected will be left further behind."

This was the topic tackled by Dr Mary Robinson at Glasgow Caledonian University on Wednesday, February 14.

The former Irish President addressed students and staff on the global climate justice movement of 2018 before taking questions from the audience. The event was also be live streamed to Trinity College, Dublin, and formed Dr Robinson's third annual lecture on climate justice.

Climate justice highlights that the world's most developed nations, who through centuries of high carbon emissions have contributed most to climate change, have a moral responsibility to help those less well developed nations who are experiencing the worst effects of the changing world climate, such as increasing numbers of famines and floods.


Professor Tahseen Jafry, Director of GCU's Centre for Climate Justice, believes Dr Robinson's visit to the University had a positive impact on students and staff alike.

She said: "Dr Robinson wants to engage with students and inspire them to talk about climate justice. This lecture builds on her drive to promote the transformative power of education.

"She is a thought leader and world-renowned for her knowledge and insight about the injustices caused by climate change.

"By raising the profile of those who suffer the most, we show influencers where they need to divert their energy. This is our role as the University for the Common Good. We are here to address societal needs."

A GCU Honorary Graduate and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Dr Mary Robinson, through her Foundation, has supported GCU's Centre for Climate Justice since its inception in 2013.

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