Dr Fiona Skillen kicks off FIFA review

Tue, 22 May 2018 09:05:00 BST

A GCU academic has joined an expert panel to assess a qualification offered by the world football governing body FIFA.

Dr Fiona Skillen, lecturer in sports and events, has been invited to take part in a review of the International MA in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport, known as the FIFA Masters, which is offered to postgraduate students from over 25 countries, the majority of which go on to work with international governing bodies.

The joint degree is awarded by De Montfort University, SDA Boconi, Milan, University of Neufchâtel, Switzerland and International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES) - the educational arm of FIFA.

Dr Skillen was in Milan last week to kick off the five-yearly review of the course, which will see members of the external assessment panel visit each location and meet with staff, students and alumni.

Professor Martin Polley, Scientific Director of the FIFA Masters, said: "We were pleased to invite Dr Skillen to be the external assessor for our 5-yearly review. The role of an external assessor in these quality assurance events is essential, as it helps to bring a wider perspective to proceedings. Dr Skillen was the ideal choice for this, as her research and teaching interests in sports history and management give her crucial insights on the FIFA MA's themes. 

"She carried out the role with immense dedication and attention to detail,  and she helped the smooth working of the whole review. I hope that the experience of meeting the planners, professors, students, and alumni of this prestigious course will also have given her some useful insights that she can take back to GCU."