GCU academic delivers public lecture in Australia

Tue, 28 Aug 2018 09:10:00 BST

Sociology Reader Dr Emmanuelle Tulle is in Australia this week to deliver a public lecture and seminar on ageing, sport and physical activity.  

Dr Tulle, from Glasgow School for Business and Society, was invited to the University of Tasmania (UofT) as a visiting scholar.

The invitation to southern Australian was extended by Professor Catherine Palmer, head of Social Sciences at UofT, who was aware of her research work.

Recent projects include research into the impact of physical activity on the ageing body and the mental health benefits of running in groups.

Dr Tulle will hold talks with PhD students, deliver a seminar on ageing and physical activity and hold a public lecture on the female mountaineers during her trip.

She said: "I’m being kept busy but it's been a brilliant experience so far.

"Physical activity is increasingly recommended as a way of managing the effects of ageing. In fact, among the evangelists, it is presented as a cure, no less.

"The problem is that the majority of older people do not engage in physical activity at levels which would yield physiological benefits and those who do demonstrate how difficult it is to remain physically active over a long period of time."