Inaugural Common Good Award presented to student

Tue, 07 Nov 2017 15:13:00 GMT
Joanna McAleer
Joanna McAleer

GCU student Joanna McAleer has become the first recipient of a Common Good Award digital badge for ‘Active and Global Citizenship’.

Joanna, a fourth-year BA Hons International Business and Tourism Management student was recognised for her volunteer work with the Khora Community Centre in Athens. The organisation offers clothes, food, teaching, and other support for refugees and others in Greece.

The Common Good Award is a new personal development and skills award which is being piloted this year and which aims to encourage and support our students to develop the skills and attributes needed to make a positive difference. 

It provides a mechanism through which to promote, recognise and reward the informal learning students have gained through co or extracurricular activity (paid or unpaid), and where they have developed one or more of the GCU Common Good Attributes.

Joanna said: “Working as a volunteer was really humbling experience. It gave me a different perspective on the lives, circumstances and cultures of others. I had a wide range of opportunities to get involved in various areas including legal support, childcare, and teaching. Supporting others is my main motivation, but being recognised and rewarded for this activity through the Common Good Award is very gratifying and will hopefully help me in the job market after graduation.”

Joanna is also involved in raising funds for the Khora Community and more details can be found here.

Common Good Award