GCU to investigate highway-construction impact on water environment

Thu, 24 Aug 2017 15:25:00 BST

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is looking to overcome the ecological damage caused by poor drainage during major highway construction work.

Researchers will lead a project to determine ways of protecting the water environment during the latest construction works on the A9.

Currently, waste water and runoffs on sites, along with pre-existing waterways, are seriously affected by works, making safe disposal difficult. There is currently no legislation governing the management of this.

Poor drainage can have serious environmental effects on nature, potentially damaging ecosystems.

The GCU project, led by Dr Slobodan Mickovski and Dr Anita Meldrum, in a Knowledge Exchange Partnership with the Highways Team at Jacobs UK Ltd, will explore and implement sustainable drainage methods and ways to clean affected water.

It is based on models developed in an earlier GCU undertaking on brownfield sites in Glasgow and has received a grant of over £90,000 from Innovate UK, Scottish Funding Council and the Technology Strategy Board.

The project is due to begin in September and highway construction sites across Scotland, including on the A9 and in Aberdeenshire, have been earmarked.

An associate will work on the project in conjunction with Jacobs UK Ltd.

Dr Mickovski said: “We are looking to take our research and knowledge and expand this on a large scale.

“There is currently no legislation governing how to manage the water environment and we want to promote good site practice and engineering management.”