The Saltire Centre

The Saltire Centre is the focus of learning and student services at Glasgow Caledonian University.  The 10,500 sq m, five-floor facility offers students:

  • Over 1,200 internet-connected study spaces
  • 250,000 RFID-tagged books
  • 350 computers
  • 45,000 journals
  • Netbook borrowing facility

Free Wi-Fi

The building is one of the most ambitious and innovative learning environments in the UK, prompting the Guardian newspaper to describe is as a “a futuristic but people-friendly learning space” that is “paving the way for the universities of tomorrow”. Read the full Guardian article, “It's a university, but not as we know it”.

Space to learn

Home to the University library, the Saltire Centre is the beating heart of Glasgow Caledonian. With over 1,200 study spaces, the Saltire Centre gives you plenty of room to learn and it offers 360 computers for student use. A wireless network means you can use your own laptop anywhere in the building, or borrow one of the 100 university netbooks available to everyone.

Space to interact

The different areas of the centre mean that you can take advantage of noisy social interaction areas for group work, but also settle down to silent study on the upper floors. The open-plan learning spaces are similar to modern office environments, which will help you to prepare for moving into a professional environment after graduating.

Accessible to all

The Saltire Centre is also wheelchair friendly throughout, with software and technology for students with learning or physical disabilities available in a central location.