Student President

As Vice President for the School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment in 2019-20, Susan helped the school achieve a 10 percent point’s increase in their NSS results from the last academic year.

During this time, Susan successfully campaigned for a mature student space on campus. Committed to supporting positive mental health at GCU, Susan also created a quiet area in the Students Association which helped with her work on the Student Mental Health Agreement.

With the other Full time officers, her focus this year will be on mental health and creating a sense of community despite Covid-19. She feels that It is essential this year more than ever to ensure that students don’t feel isolated and are provided with exciting ways to socialise and engage, resulting in improved positive mental health and wellbeing.

Susan is keen to build on her positive partnership with the University and ensure the student voice is heard throughout the GCU community where everyone, working as partners, delivers excellence in learning and an outstanding student experience.