Austin Lafferty

Austin Lafferty‌Austin Lafferty is a solicitor, broadcaster, journalist and artist, who has worked in general legal practice since 1981. As well as running his own multi-branch firm in and around Glasgow, he has worked in a variety of media roles, having been a radio and television presenter on numerous programmes. Austin is a newspaper columnist on legal matters who has worked on the Herald, the Sun, the Sunday Post and the Times (both Glasgow Evening Times and the London Times). He works occasionally as a professional portrait artist. He has also written It's The Law!, which is a handbook on Scots Law for citizens, published in 2004.

Austin has been on the Council of the Law Society of Scotland since 2006 and has sat on various committees, convening the Nominations Committee and the Strategy Group, and been involved in lectures, seminars and other events for the profession. He was elected Vice-President of the Law Society in May 2011 and took over the presidency in May 2012, demitting office in May 2013.

Austin is a Glaswegian by birth and upbringing, was educated at St. Aloysius College and the University of Glasgow. Married to Yvonne, a learning support and maths teacher in Castlemilk, with two student children, for leisure he is a karate black belt and has run several marathons.

Austin says of his appointment to the GCU Court: “I really look forward to taking up this role. GCU is a dynamic and high-achieving university, bringing over £400,000,000 to the economy of Scotland annually. Among its guiding principles which include excellence in teaching, learning and research (in which it has demonstrated that it really punches above its weight nationally and internationally), there is a dedication to the Common Weal – of Glasgow and beyond.

“That is the area where I think I can contribute most, as it chimes in so well with what the Law Society of Scotland and the legal profession do. Having been President of our Society and having been a Law Society of Scotland Council member for over 6 years, I can see that the procedures and principles that guide the Court are parallel to what I already know.

“GCU is a big hitter in Glasgow, and with its units in London, Oman and Bangladesh – with a new venture soon opening in New York, the university really has a global footprint. I know this sounds like an advert, but I am just delighted to be on board.”

He is a member of the Staff Policy Committee.