Student President

As the Vice President of GSBS in 2020-2021, Adil created the new position of Caledonian Court Officer that represents the 600 students of Caledonian Court at GCU. During this time, he also mobilised Student Officers around Glasgow and the West of Scotland and lobbied the Scottish Government to release £750,000 for the Students’ Association around Scotland to deal with the pandemic.

Adil graduated with a 1st class BA (Hons) Business and Management degree from GCU in 2020. As a student, he was awarded the Common Good Award in 2019 by the Principal for his activities in line with the University’s motto. Later in 2020, he was named GCU Student of the Year by the GCU Students’ Association.

As the 1st International Student President of the GCU Students’ Association, Adil is determined to represent the students of GCU within the University and nationally this year. He is keen to strengthen the relationship between the GCU Students’ Association’s and the University to effectively enhance the student experience at GCU.