Virtual Hospital

Clinical Simulation Laboratory

The CSL is an innovative state of the art clinical skills laboratory. This purpose built facility within the Govan Mbeki Building comprises of a suite of rooms to reflect the real clinical situation.

  • 18 bedded ward environment, made up of three 6 bedded bays
  • 3 briefing rooms
  • 3 debriefing rooms
  • Control room
  • Nurses station
  • Intensive care suite
  • Flexible learning room
  • Interactive room

The CSL assists students to learn the clinical skills required for clinical practice in a stimulating, encouraging and safe environment. The skills can be practiced on simulated patients (actors), mannequins, single task trainers and other students depending on the skill.

The CSL is also available for outside organisations as a training facility. There are adjoining seminar rooms, and lecture theatre facilities.

For more information, visit the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Community Health.