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  • Arc Health and Fitness Facility

    • Sports Hall

      Sports Hall The Arc has two large hall areas which are available for hire, either for one off events or regular bookings.

      The large sports hall (equivalent of 6 badminton courts) can be used for badminton, netball, basketball, volleyball and football. It can easily accommodate 7 a-sides (please note: no spectating area).

      The second hall (equivalent of 3 badminton courts) is commonly used for dance and exercise classes and martial arts groups.

    • Gym

      Gym The ARC gym provides a spacious matted area for personalised exercise routines and many accessories for functional training and stretching.

      The gym is available for anyone to use, you don't need to be a GCU student or a member of staff, everyone is welcome! To access the ARC you can pay-as-you go or if you plan on using the gym on a regular basis we have monthly online memberships with no contract.

    • Work-out Area

      Work-out Area The ARC work-out area provides a selection of weights, kettlebells, functional training, cardiovascular and modular resistance equipment.

      The gym is available for anyone to use, you don't need to be a GCU student or a member of staff, everyone is welcome! To access the ARC you can pay-as-you go or if you plan on using the gym on a regular basis we have monthly online memberships with no contract.

    • Weights Room

      Weights Room The ARC weights room comprises cardiovascular equipment and fixed resistance machines, with some special additions for advanced trainers – including Olympic bars and weights.

      The gym is available for anyone to use, you don't need to be a GCU student or a member of staff, everyone is welcome! To access the ARC you can pay-as-you go or if you plan on using the gym on a regular basis we have monthly online memberships with no contract.

  • Saltire Centre

    • Library

      Library The state-of-the-art Saltire Centre over five floors features the university library, 1,800 study spaces, a student services mall and learning café with comfortable sofas for relaxing or group study. The striking copper and glass clad building has been described by The Guardian newspaper as "rewriting the design book for academic libraries."

    • Library Ground Floor

      Library Ground Floor With over 1,800 study spaces in the Saltire Centre, you’ll find there’s always plenty of room. Part of what makes it such a good environment for study is that there are a variety of different learning spaces available. There are lively areas that are ideal from group work, with quieter spaces as you go further up the floors of the building. And the building is fully wired for Wi-Fi to help you study where you want.

  • Caledonian Court

    • Social Space

      Social Space Living at Caledonian Court is the ideal way to make friends from all over the world and a dedicated social space makes it all the more likely. A pool table and drinks machine add to the ambiance, while a residential assistant will be more than happy to point out Glasgow’s many attractions and help you navigate the campus itself.

    • Kitchen A

      Kitchen A Each self-contained flat comprises six to eight bedrooms and a communal kitchen with access to a coin-operated launderette.

    • Kitchen B

      Kitchen B Each self-contained flat comprises six to eight bedrooms and a communal kitchen with access to a coin-operated launderette. Some basic equipment is provided, but students are asked to bring their own pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and any specialist cooking utensils.

    • Bedroom with en-suite

      Bedroom with en-suite Just a five-minute walk from the university campus, Caledonian Court can accommodate a total of 660 people in self-catering flats. Each flat has between five and eight bedrooms. Private en-suite facilities are available in 340 rooms, with the vast majority for single occupancy. All flats come with wired Internet access as standard.

    • Standard Bedroom

      Standard Bedroom Caledonian Court, our dedicated student accommodation, is ideally positioned in Glasgow city centre just opposite the main campus. Standard rooms are available (sharing toilets and showers). All flats come with wired Internet access as standard as well as modest furnishings. Heat, light and power are also included in the price.

  • Govan Mbeki Building

    • Clinical Simulation Laboratory - Ward A

      Clinical Simulation Laboratory - Ward A The clinical skills laboratories assist students on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to develop their skills by using simulated environments and equipment. The facility comprises of an 18 bedded hospital ward, Intensive Care Unit, Child and Midwifery room, along with two interactive rooms and state of the art audio-visual equipment.

    • Clinical Simulation Laboratory - Ward B

      Clinical Simulation Laboratory - Ward B The clinical skills taught and practiced within the Clinical Simulation Lab include everything from general nursing skills, emergency care of trauma and medical patients, critical care skills, paediatric care, midwifery skills, moving and handling of patients, first aid, communication and resuscitation, within a safe environment with tuition and support from lecturers.

    • Clinical Simulation Laboratory - Control Room

      Clinical Simulation Laboratory - Control Room Simulation is increasingly being used as an integral teaching tool within health education. Students can observe videos of best practice in briefing rooms prior to entering the laboratory. Cameras can be set up to film the students in the laboratory tackling a realistic clinical scenario in an unobtrusive way. These videos can then be watched back by the students during the debriefing component of the class.

    • Diagnostic Imaging Laboratory A

      Diagnostic Imaging Laboratory A The Diagnostic Imaging laboratory at GCU simulates a conventional diagnostic imaging system similar to that found within any x-ray department. It houses an X-Ray unit which includes:

      • X-Ray Tube
      • Generator
      • Floating top table with Bucky and rise and fall functions
      • Control panel and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
      • Kodak CR Reader and cassettes Permanent and mobile shielding
      • Dosimetry and test tools
      • Warning lights

    • Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Laboratory

      Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Laboratory The Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Laboratory is a resource is a teaching and tutorial facility but is most often used by the students during group work in preparation for the submission of coursework.

      The computers are programmed with state-of-the-art 3-dimensional radiotherapy treatment planning software which enables students to plan the radiotherapy treatment of a range of tumours on body cross-sections of fictitious patients.

    • Eye Clinic - Examination A

      Eye Clinic - Examination A At the Eye Clinic we offer a number of general and specialised eye care services, including:

      • Eye examinations, which check vision and eye health
      • Specialised clinics, including low vision, binocular vision and visual stress
      • Dispensing services, for both spectacles and contact lenses
      • Clinical Provision

    • Eye Clinic - Reception

      Eye Clinic - Reception The Eye Clinic at Glasgow Caledonian University services the Department of Vision Sciences by providing clinical training facilities for up to 120 Optometrists and 30 Dispensing Opticians annually. During teaching semesters patients are examined by students under the direct supervision of experienced and qualified clinical staff. In addition the Clinical Optometrist provides a full range of eye examination services throughout the year.

    • Eye Clinic - Examination B

      Eye Clinic - Examination B Glasgow Caledonian University is the only university in Scotland to offer Vision Sciences. There are a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and CET courses available. The School also offers a purpose-built Eye Clinic, which provides optometry students with clinical experience in a professional environment, whilst serving the needs of the local community.

  • Charles Oakley Building

    • Research Laboratory

      Research Laboratory Housed within the Charles Oakley building are a host of lecture theatres and research laboratories. These include:

      • Large, spacious, purpose-built laboratory classes
      • Flexible laboratory spaces
      • State-of-the-art equipment and facilities
      • Excellent technical support

    • 3D Studio

      3D Studio The VRS group is actively engaged through development or consultation in the following areas of research:

      • HCI for Virtual 8. Augmented Reality
      • VR Simulation
      • Advanced 3D Visualisation
      • Gesture Recognition
      • 3D Spatialised Sound
      • 3D web-applications
      • Rapid Prototyping
      • Motion Capture

    • Photo Studio

      Photo Studio The photo studio is equipped with:

      • 5 HD JVC / Sony / cameras & 4 Canon 550D Digital SLR cameras
      • Chromakey background and lighting rig
      • Freestanding Daylight Fluorescent and Tungsten Lighting
      • Studio area is approx. 11 x 11 metres
      • Flash photography and reflectors
      • Apple Mac workstations with Abobe CS5 and Final Cut Pro software

  • George Moore Building

    • Computer Games Lab

      Computer Games Lab Used by Games students for individual and group projects. Equipped with 20 Dual-boot iMacs. Wide range of software including:

      • C#/C++/Direct X
      • Microsoft XNA Development
      • NVIDIA PhysX Physics Engine
      • Adobe Master Collection 5 including Photoshop, Flash, After Effects
      • Blender for 3D modelling
      • Apple and Android Mobile App Development

    • eMotion Laboratory

      eMotion Laboratory The eMotion Lab at GCU is a unique world-class facility for the investigation of emotional engagement with technology. With a suite developed to capture the subtle palette of human emotion, research is focused on examining player engagement with interactive entertainment media. The eMotion Lab provides facilities to capture true emotional response to interactive products, applying bespoke in-house physiological measurement techniques.

    • TV Studio

      TV Studio TV studio & gallery with HD JVC cameras, green screen, autocue & graphics/titling software, play in from remote studio with Chroma Key as well as gallery play in from Avid server or tape. Full talkback for presenters and camera positions. Panasonic 3 CCD Mini DV digital camcorders, Vinten Pro Tripods, Avid Media Composer digital editing suites and a rostrum camera. Lighting kits, rifle & boom mics, other ancillaries.

    • Radio Studio

      Radio Studio Clyde Broadcast Synergy Bronze digital radio studio & hard-disk playout system, in audio soundproof studio (accommodates 4), plus control booth & Audition v2 control/edit system. Adobe Audition digital audio edit suites (2 in newsroom), one voiceover booth. Marantz PMD661 memory card reporter-recorders. HHB MDP500 Portadisc Mini Disc Reporter-Recorder kits, Sony MZR900 mini-disc recorder kits.

    • Newsroom

      Newsroom Full equipped Dell PCs including relevant software, Burli radio news editing system, feeds from PA newswire, Newslink and Sky News radio, Audition digital audio editing /Avid digital video edit suites, Digital TV and radio monitors with playout link from adjacent TV and radio studios, DVD player, freeview box, phone books, reference directories, daily newspapers and weekly magazines; Nikon and Canon digital stills cameras.

    • TV News Studio

      TV News Studio Our dedicated studio facilities for video and audio production offer training using up-to-date digital equipment. Industry-standard facilities including our new, purpose-built multimedia newsroom to produce television and radio news packages.

  • Milton Street Building

    • Fashion Factory

      Fashion Factory At GCU practical fashion modules are taught in our purpose-built studio, the Fashion Factory. Equipped with contemporary, industrial machinery used for the design and production of fashion items, the Fashion Factory includes an industry-standard computer-aided design (CAD) system for fashion and textile design, pattern making and retail merchandising.

    • Sewing Area

      Sewing Area From guidance on design management to creating fashion illustrations, the university's fashion business team is equipped with the facilities and know-how to solve any problem. A Lectra CAD suite can be provided to businesses for design, pattern development and visual merchandising. In addition, a helping hand can be extended in choosing the right colours and fabrics, with shape consultation and garment simulation completing the package.

  • Students' Association Building

    • 24 Hour Computer Laboratory

      24 Hour Computer Laboratory The 24 hour Computer Lab is located on Level 0 of the Students' Association Building and is open 7 days a week.

    • Roots Café and Games Room

      Roots Café and Games Room Café Roots in the Students’ Association offers:

      • Open 8.30am till 3.30pm
      • Feed the Body (and the Brain)
      • Halal products
      • To Go counter
      • Fairtrade Coffee
      • Organic Snacks
      • Made to order baguettes
      • Meal Deals
      • Chef’s Specials
      • 24hr vending

      In the Games Room you will find three pool tables, a quiz machine and an air hockey table. There are also vending machines and seating to chill out.

  • Continuing Professional Development Building

    • REAL Learning Café

      REAL Learning Café Our Real Learning Café can be found on the ground floor of the Continuing Professional Development Centre. It is ideal for some relaxed study; you can go online, work on essays or just have a coffee or snack and catch up with friends.

      • Open 8.30am till 4pm
      • Quick hot and cold snacks
      • Halal products
      • Quality Coffee and Tea
      • Selection of cold drinks
      • Fresh fruit smoothies
      • Spacious Environment
      • Healthy Choices

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