About the University Travel Policy

GCU has travel insurance through U.M Association Limited. Policy number UMAL/132.

This travel Insurance policy can be accessed by all staff and students who are required to travel on University business on a UK or overseas journey.

A journey is any trip undertaken of up to 24 months duration involving travel:

  • Outside the person’s country of residence or
  • Within the person’s country of residence but which requires either overnight accommodation or a flight.

A summary of the benefits of the travel insurance policy and key emergency contact and claims procedures details is available here. Please take this document with you on any overseas travel.

Any approved travel must adhere to the government guidance, both UK and destination, at time of travel. Any emergency medical costs relating to Covid will be covered under the travel insurance policy, however, any cancellation, disruption or rearrangement costs as a result of Covid will not be covered. For any questions please contact insurance@gcu.ac.uk.” 


All GCU travel and other insurance is administered by Finance. For any queries relating to insurance, please visit our FAQs section or contact insurance@gcu.ac.uk.

Medical Assistance – Provided by Global Response

The medical expenses cover will provide you with advice and assistance should you become ill or sustain injury during your journey abroad. This service is operated by a team of multi-lingual coordinators at Global Response in the UK, who can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Global Response will decide the most appropriate course of action to help you through an emergency.

Contact Global Response before incurring any substantial expenses or being admitted as an inpatient at any hospital, clinic or nursing home. Do not arrange repatriation without the prior approval of Global Response.

The services available include:

  • Advice over the telephone
  • Medical repatriation to the most appropriate hospital or to your home address. 
  • Keeping your family and employer fully informed
  • Arranging for up to two relatives or friends to travel out to you - if this is considered medically necessary
  • Guaranteeing that your hospital bills will be met
  • Arranging repatriation of remains in the event of death

To ensure that the assistance services operate smoothly when you need them most, in the event of a medical emergency or if you require repatriation you must:

  • Telephone Global Response in the UK using the number shown below and remembering to use the correct international dialing code from the country in which you are calling
  • Quote Reference UMAL/T132, Glasgow Caledonian University and your Name.
  • Give the telephone number where you can be contacted.
  • Give details of anyone you would like to be contacted - relative, friend, employer.

Tel: +44 (0)2920 662 425

Email: UMAL@global-response.co.uk
Reference: UMAL/T132

In the Event of a Claim

In the event of a claim, claim forms are available for printing directly from the UMAL website at: www.umal.co.uk/travel-claimsforms.php

Claim forms should include as much supporting documentation as possible including: travel itinerary, police reports, receipts etc.

In the event of a claim please notify insurance@gcu.ac.uk.

Travel Security while abroad

Recognising the risks that staff and students may face when overseas, GCU can access security advice and traveller support through Gobal Response, the international security consultancy.

Should you become aware of, or are caught up in, an incident you may call the Global Response Centre for advice and support.  Should you need to use this service whilst travelling, the contact details are:

Tel:  +44 (0)2920 662 425
Ref: UMAL/T132
Email: UMAL@global-response.co.uk

Travellers can also download the GlobalRiskManager App for travel advice, security information and to receive alerts for any incidents occurring in your destination country or region

Instructions for registering for the service and downloading the App can accessed at the UMAL Travel Security webpage

Pre-travel Security Advice

All GCU travellers have access to an online platform, RiskMonitor Traveller, which combines real-time alerts with country analysis and advice delivered through a single web portal and mobile app.

GCU travellers can also access a simple, colour-coded map of the world, indicating overall risk or various different sub-categories of risk (security, medical, environmental etc.) This will assist with risk assessments prior to travel. Click on an individual country for a brief summary of the risks. 

Details on how to register for the service and download the app can be found here

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