Does the travel insurance cover Covid related costs ?

“Any approved travel must adhere to the government guidance, both UK and destination, at time of travel. Any emergency medical costs relating to Covid will be covered under the travel insurance policy, however, any cancellation, disruption or rearrangement costs as a result of Covid will not be covered. For any questions please contact

What countries are covered by the travel insurance policy, are there any restrictions?

The GCU travel policy covers travel to all countries with no exclusions. If, however, there is advice on either the foreign office website or the Control Risks website against travelling to the proposed destination, a full risk assessment must be carried out and approved before travel. In such instances it is recommended that the travel is either cancelled or postponed.

Does the travel insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions, do pre-existing conditions need to be disclosed prior to travel?

There is no requirement to disclose pre-existing medical conditions, however, the travel insurance does not cover anyone who is travelling against medical advice.

Up to what age of an individual, does the policy automatically cover?

The policy does not cover an individual once they attain the age of 80 years of age.

Am I covered under the GCU travel policy for personal holidays?

No – the University’s travel policy will only operate whilst you are travelling on University related business, however, up to 7 days of holiday is allowed as part of a University trip.

What cover does the University’s travel policy provide for my personal belongings?

The University’s travel policy provides cover for personal belongings up to a total value of £5000 with a single article limit of £1500.

Can you provide confirmation of travel insurance cover for visa applications?

Finance can provide individual letters for staff/students who are making visa applications. You can request such a letter by emailing your request to, please provide your travel dates and destinations.

Does the University travel insurance cover international student exchanges?

The travel insurance covers a GCU student while abroad on a GCU approved exchange. Certain foreign institutions, particularly in the US and Canada, require a minimum level of insurance cover. Finance can provide an individual letter confirming that a student is covered by GCU travel insurance and a letter from our insurer which outlines the cover provided against the US J1 Visa requirements.

My spouse/partner/child is travelling with me – are they covered?

No, you must arrange separate cover for spouses/partners/children.