The Procurement Section is based within the Finance Office of Glasgow Caledonian University.

We are responsible for supporting the University to maximise the contribution that procurement makes to the University’s expenditure in teaching and research, so that the University can deliver more with the funds that they have available.

Operationally Procurement provides support by:

  • Ensuring compliance with procurement procedures and processes
  • Increasing the University’s utilisation of collaborative agreements
  • Facilitating cross functional collaboration
  • Facilitating collaboration with other Universities and Colleges 
  • Improving engagement with and management of supplier relations
  • Developing and continuously improving procurement skills, capability and capacity
  • Encouraging continuous improvement and the identification of areas of opportunity for development

Collaborative Agreements through Procurement Consortiums/Centres of Excellence

Where possible, the University will utilise existing agreements competitively tendered through Scottish and UK Procurement Consortiums/Centres of Excellence.

The main consortiums used by the University are:

  • APUC
  • Scottish Procurement
  • Other UK University Purchasing Consortium
  • Crown Commercial Service

Where agreements are not available the University will use the following guidelines to procure through means of quotation exercises or competitive tenders.

The University’s Procurement Processes are in line with the Scottish Government’s Procurement Journey but further explanation of the public sector procurement process and what we will expect you do to at each stage is detailed in the Supplier Journey.     

Advertising our requirements

In line with Scottish Government guidelines, the University will advertise all procurements above £50,000 on Public Contracts Scotland or through Public Contacts Scotland – Tender   the Scottish Public Sector eTendering Tool.

As a potential supplier to the University, you should register with Public Contracts Scotland to be alerted of any procurement opportunities within the University.

The University’s Buyer Profile on PCS can be found here.

The University's Contract Register can be found here.

Supply Chain Code of Conduct

During the competitive tender exercise you will be expected to sign up to the GCU Supply Chain Code of Conduct.  GCU is committed to carrying out procurement activities in an environmentally, socially, ethically and economically responsible manner and to entering into agreements and contracts with suppliers that share and adhere to its vision. To demonstrate this commitment, current and potential suppliers are asked to acknowledge their compliance with the principles of the GCU Supply Chain Code of Conduct, with respect to their organisation and their supply chain.


PECOS is the University’s online Procurement/ordering system.  New suppliers to the University will be asked to complete a form providing Procurement with all the information that they need to procure from the supplier electronically.

Using the system University Purchase Orders can then be raised, approved and sent to the supplier directly.

Terms and conditions for PECOS Purchases can be found here.

Contract Management

Glasgow Caledonian University operates a Contract Management process across its supplier base.  This process helps the University make best use of limited resources, identify areas of risk, collect, record and maintain consistent and relevant information and promote a system of good practice and communication.

  • Download - ‌


Procurement actively seek feedback from suppliers involved in University tendering processes.  At the end of each competitive tendering process, suppliers will be invited to provide feedback on any aspects of this process. 

Whilst we have to ensure that our processes remain compliant with Scottish Government and EU Regulations and good practice, the University will use this feedback to continuously review and improve our processes.   

All our practices are carried out in line with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Code of Conduct.