This Route provides guidance for the procurement of goods and services classed as moderate value and risk, and where the estimated value of the goods/services you are buying is more than £50,000 (over its lifetime - four years max).  Procurement processes under this route should only be undertaken under the guidance of trained Procurement Officers.  If your procurement falls within this route please contact Procurement.  This process would normally take between 2-3 months.  

Procurement will facilitate your Route 2 process through:

  • Providing documents compliant with a procurement exercise of moderate criticality and risk including assessment of GDPR
  • Assisting you with the advertising requirements of a tender of this value (> £50,000 over its lifetime - four years max) 
  • Guiding you through the evaluation, award and feedback to suppliers of procurements of this value
  • Highlighting the minimum legal and policy obligations involved for this process