This route provides guidance for procurements of relatively low value, risk and a non-repetitive nature.  If your procurement does not fall within this description or you do not have the authority to procure you should contact Procurement

If the estimated value of the goods/services you are buying is more than £50,000 (over its lifetime - four years max) you should contact Procurement before proceeding.   

The main objectives of the toolkit are:

  • To provide a step-by-step guide to conduct a low value procurement exercise
  • To provide a set of guides and templates that can be used to collate and analyse the data required when conducting the purchasing exercise
  • To standardise the public sector procurement process across organisations for lower value procurements
  • To highlight the minimum legal and policy obligations involved at each stage of the process

Prior to commencing any Procurement, consideration must be given to GDPR - Procuring Goods, Services and Works.

Now you are ready to begin your Route One of the Procurement Journey.  



Short Services Contracts

A Short Services Contract Letter can be used for short term/low value services arrangements where we are engaging with a Consultant or provider of other services.  An example of where this is relevant is where it is a single person providing the service, set up under their own company.

Short Services Contract Letter template