The main responsibilities of the team are:

Income Received

The Treasury is repsonsible for the receipting and reconciliation of income.

Income comes from:
• Income from public funds via a block grant from the Scottish Funding Council and tuition fees paid by the Scottish Government or by local authorities;
• Tuition fee income from both home, EC, RUK and overseas students;
• Income from other sources including research contracts, services rendered, courses and conferences, endowments, residence and catering operations, grants and donations.

There are various Payment Methods that can be used when paying income to the University as outlined in the Cash Handling & Banking Procedures.

The banking of income is covered by the Cash Handling & Banking Procedures and all staff involved with banking cash or cheques must be familiar with this document. Cash is uplifted by a secure cash carrier and Treasury manage this relationship.


The Treasury section deals with the processing of BACS and cheque payment runs. Please note all enquiries on supplier or student payments should be referred to Accounts Payable at

Treasury Management

The management of bank accounts, bank reconciliations and bank relationships in addition to the management of all cash resources, investments and funding requirements of the University including the control of associated risks. Treasury Management is carried out in accordance with the Treasury Management Policy.

Cash flow forecasting

The management, reporting and forecasting of the cash in-flows and out-flows of the University.

Petty Cash

Floats can be obtained by completing a Petty Cash Float Request Form and returning to the Accounts Payable section. Instructions for operating the float, including reimbursements are outlined in the Cash Handling & Banking Procedures and Financial Procedures. The School/Support Department is responsible for the security of the float. Treasury Management maintain an overall record of all Petty Cash floats for audit purposes.

Floats should be reconciled, as outlined in the Cash Handling & Banking Procedures using the Petty Cash Reconciliation Form.

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